Self drilling anchor bolt T76 for geotechnical, civil engineering usage

Self drilling anchor bolt T76 for geotechnical, civil engineering usage

Model No.︰T76

Brand Name︰-

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰2000 M

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Product Description

Hollow head mounted on the bolt body carbide drill bits, drill pipe to bolt body instead of drilling, drill the end of the connecting rod bolt body and the rock drilling machine connected with the rock drill perforated the design of a bolt depth, the installation only pulp plugs, pad plate, nut was conducted after the grouting. When the slope support or hydropower station construction, can also be used to replace large-diameter bolt hole drill pipe, carrying out drilling grouting and more powerful, than the anchor role in a stronger, more efficient and convenient, lower construction costs.

Price Terms︰ FOB XINGANG

Payment Terms︰ T/T,/ L/C

Packing︰ Bundle

Lead Time︰ 30days

specifications︰ Type Outer Dia. (mm) Inner Dia. (mm) Ultimate Load (KN) Yield Load (KN) Weight (Kg/m)
R25N 25 14 200 150 2.3
R32L 32 22 260 200 2.8
R32N 32 21 280 230 2.9
R32/18.5 32 18.5 280 230 3.4
R32S 32 17 360 280 3.5
R38N 38 21 500 400 4.8
R38/19 38 19 500 400 5.5
R51L 51 38 550 450 6.0
R51N 51 33 800 630 7.6
T76N 76 49 1600 1200 16.5
T76S 76 45 1900 1500 19.0

Advantages︰ 1. Hollow design, implementation of the grouting tube function, avoid the 
traditional grouting tube pulled out of the mortar caused by the loss. 
2. Grouting full, and can achieve the pressure grouting to improve project 
3. Center is good, mortar bolt body length can be wrapped, to avoid corrosion, 
to supporting the long-term purposes. 
4. Easy installation, without on-site processing of threads, it can be easily 
installed an plate, nuts.

Export Markets︰ Southeast Asia, Europe, South America

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